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Kashgar Food and Restaurant


Central Asian flavor. A wide variety of Muslim food as well as taste from other regions can be tasted here. The main food here includes flour, corn, and rice. The followings are some typical food found in Kashgar.

Roasted Meat

Roasted meat is the most popular and commonly seen food in Kashgar. Street stalls cluster everywhere around the city, selling a wide variety of roasted meat. Kabobs are very easily tried here.

Rice Taken by Hands
Rice Taken by Hands is a popular food at festivals. The main materials are fresh mutton, carrots, onions, vegetables, rice and raisins. Raisins are boiled with sliced onions, carrots and small cubes of fried beef. Then they are put on soaked rice and boiled again. The ingredients are streamed for twenty minutes, afterward served. Before eating, one washes one's hands three times and dries them with handkerchiefs. Sitting cross-legged on cushions, people serve the rice on plates and eat it with their hands.

There are more than 10 kinds of this rice dish, mainly mutton, chicken and vegetarian, and the most common is the one using mutton.


Yogurt is a kind of sour dairy products, which very popular among the locals. Muslim people enjoy drinking it all over the year. Yogurt is a nutritious food containing a great variety of mineral substances, vitamin.