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Korla Attractions

Historical relics and impressive natural wonders are the two major draws of Korla. Similar to other cities on the Silk Road, Korla boasts many cultural heritages, which remind visitors of the city’s past glory. The fascinating natural scenery includes the Yadan landscape, the misty Bosteng Lake, the mysterious Swan Lake, and the charming Tarim River.

Most Popular Korla Attractions

Tiemen Pass

Locates 8 kilometers at the north of Korla city, the uper stream of the Kongque River (Peacock River)and it was a 2,000 years old important pass in the ancient silk road. The Pass leads a 30 kilometers long val..

Red Butterfly Valley

SummaryIt is one of the top three butterfly valleys in Xinjiang. Every spring witnesses an ocean of red butterflies fly and gather there.OverviewHoxud Red Butterfly Valley is located in Hoxud County, Korla, at ..