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Tianshan Mountain Scenic Area

tianshan Tianchi lake of Tianshan

Tianshan Mountain Scenic Area is located on the north slope of East Tianshan Mountain. It begins from Han Qi Ravine in the east and ends at Song Shu Tang in the west. It reaches Tianshan Temple in the south while it reaches Ming Sha Mountain in the north.

Brief Introduction

Tianshan Mountain Scenic Area consists of five parts: White Stone, Ming Sha Mountain, Song Shu Tang, Tianshan Temple and Han Qi Ravine. During the way from the central city of Kumul to Tianshan Mountain Scenic Spot, which measure over 70 kilometers (about 43.50 miles) long, people can appreciate five different natural sceneries including oasis, Gobi or desert, grassland, forest and snowy peaks. Sceneries along the way like mirages, Feng Sui Yi Zhan (Beacon Tower Courier Station), Han Bei Tang Miao (Stone Tablets of Han Dynasty and Temples of Tang Dynasty), pastures, yurts, deer groups can all present the unique beauty of Silk Road and Western Regions.


Natural landscape in Tianshan Mountain Scenic Spot is very beautiful. In summer, the grassland is green and boundless, while in winter, everything is white, making a silver world. Here, there are clear and rippling lakes, high mountains, tens of thousands of virgin forest and vast desert. Seasons in Tianshan Mountain Scenic Spot are different, with fascinating sceneries made by Tianshan Mountain’s height. Tianshan Temple on the top of Tianshan Mountain is a three-room hall made of bricks and wood, with a broken stone tablet. This scene presents a desolate picture in which there are old temple and broken stone tablets standing in cold snow. Climb the mountain, reach the top, and people can overlook the beautiful scenery. Through the vast sea of forests, the winding mountain path and the clouds and mist, people can get to know the magnificence of nature.

Apart from the beautiful natural landscape, in Tianshan Mountain Scenic Spot, there are also various vacation villages and scenic spots like Ming Sha Mountain, Song Shu Tang Ski Resort and so on. In hot summer, the weather is cool here, with green grass. So Tianshan Mountain Scenic Spot is a best place to spend summer holiday. In winter, everywhere here is covered with thick and white snow. So it is a good choice for tourists to appreciate snow and play with snow.

How to Get There

It is 90 kilometers (1 hour and 15 minutes) between Fukang City and Mount Tianshan via expressway. There is a provincial road (the North Xin Road of Silk Road) that passes Tianshan Mountain Scenic Spot. Traffic and communication is quite convenient here.