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The name of Kumul, or Hami is always associated with the famous cantaloupe and a namesake of the city: Hami melon. Doubtlessly, a Kumul tour is sweet also.

Kumul was an oasis and a strategic place on the Silk Path dating back to 202 AD. Nowadays, Kumul enjoys peace but is still a must-go destination of many adventurers while planning a China tour. The top Kumul tourist attraction, Devil City creates a stunning experience with its Yar-dang topographical feature. Surrounded by wavy mountains, the vast Barkol Lake offers stunning view during summer. Singing Sand Mountain (Mingsha Shan) can really sing a song when there's a strong wind. Tour the Hami Islamic King Tombs or visit a local Hami family, a Kumul tour is made for adventurers with a refined palate.

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7-Day Urumqi, Turpan, Hami and Dunhuang Adventure

  • Attractions: The Erdaoqiao Bazaar, Heavenly Lake, Boat for Cruise on the Heavenly Lake, Tuyoq Village and Tuyugou Canyon, Karez Well, Suleiman's Minaret, Jiaohe Ruin, Pass through the Flaming Mountain, Visit a local Hami Family, Hami Islamic King Tombs, Balikun Grassland, White Stone Scenic Spots, Yadan Landform Park/The Evil City, Yumenguan Pass, Great Wall of the Han Dynasty, the Crescent Lake and Echoing-Sand Mountain, Mogao Grottoes
  • Tour Code: XJ-11
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