Kumul Transportation


Kumul Airport is about 10 kilometers (about 6.21 miles) east of the central city of Kumul. People can take Bus 6 to go there.

  • Telephone Number of Kumul CAAC Booking Office (No.132 of North Jian Guo Road): 0902-2231354
  • Telephone Number of Kumul Airline Ticket Counter on Ying Bin Road (No.4, in the hall of No.1 building of Regional Hotel, Yingbin Road): 0902-2257788
  • Telephone Number of Kumul Jin Ying Airline Ticket Counter (on the entrance hall of Zhongyin Building on North Guang Chang Road): 0902-7188888


Kumul Railway Station is located on the North Tianshan Road in the central city of Kumul. It is the first large railway station a train will pass when it goes into Xinjiang. Lanxin Railway runs across Kumul, connecting it with Turpan, Urumqi, Changji and Shihezi.

Now, from Kumul Railway Station, people can go to inland big or middle-sized cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Jinan, Lanzhou and so on.

People can take Bus 1, Bus 3, Bus 4, Bus 5, Bus 6, Bus 12 etc. in the central city to go to the railway station.

  • Inquiry Number of Kumul Railway Station: 0902-7122222

Road Transportation

Kumul Long-distance Bus Station has buses going to big or middle-sized cities like Urumqi, Jiuquan, Dunhuang, Turpan, Barkol and Yiwu. There are regular buses going to Mongolia as well. Besides, there are many bused going to Songshutang, passing scenic spots like Tou Dao ravine, Ta Shui Village, Han Qi Ravine, Tianshan Gorge and so on.

  • Telephone Number of Kumul Long-distance Bus Station (No. 4 on North Jian Guo Road): 0902-2233532

People can take Bus 3, Bus 5, Bus 7, Bus 8, Bus 11 and Bus 13 to get to Kumul Long-distance Bus Station.

Public Transportation

There are altogether 14 bus lines in the central city of Kumul. People can either stop the bus by making signs like waving or wait for the bus at the station. The ticket price is 1 RMB. Buses start working at 8:00 am and by 22:00 pm there will be no buses.


The starting fare of taxis in Kumul is 5 RMB. Because the central city is not large, it only takes 5 RMB to travel around it.

Questions and Answers About Kumul Transportation

Wej 2013-09-03
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Hi! we would like to take a long-distance bus to Guazhou. How much will it cost us and how is it worked if we have bicycles with us?


Do you mean you want to take a bus from Kumul to Guazhou, Gansu province? There is no direct bus, but you could have a transfer in Jiayuguan.

Usually, it is no possible to take your bike onto the bus. So you may need to find a delivery company to deliver the bike to Guazhou.



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