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Kuqa Attractions

Kuqa attractions are hidden gems, as they are less-known but well worth exploring. Kuqa is rich in cultural relics of the Silk Road, as the city was then a prosperous trade town. Attractions in Kuqa center around Buddhism and ancient ruins, and the area has around seven Buddhist grottoes and numerous ruins . Highlights in Kuqa include the Kizilgaha Thousand Buddha Cave, one of China's largest Buddhist grottoes, Qiuci Town Ruins, and Qiuci music.

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Most Popular kuqa Attractions

Grand Kuqa Mosque

It is the second biggest mosque in Xinjiang, first built in the 17th century, but after the burnt down it was rebuilt in 1931. The great praying hall, which can accommodate1000 prayers, is supported by 88 pilla..

Kizilgaha Thousand Buddha Cave

 Kizil Thousand Buddha caves is one of the four biggest groups of grottoes in China, is national Class A Cultural Relics Reserve, it lies in Mingutag Mountains in Baicheng County...