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Weather in April

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During April in Lanzhou, the weather gets warmer than in the prior three months. The temperature ranges from 5 °C (41 °F) to almost 19 °C (66.2 °F) during the day. You may feel comfortable when you are in the sunshine. It rains sometime in April,so remember to take an umbrella when you go out.

We recommend that you wear a coat in the mornings and evenings, while a light jacket at noon is adequate.

April can be a great time to travel to Lanzhou to visit the famous Five Spring Mountain because of the warm weather. Big discounts on hotel rooms and flight tickets can be easily found. See the China Highlights website to have us help you design your own tour of Lanzhou.

Lanzhou Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage HighAverage Low
April   161 °F16.11 °C37 °F2.78 °C
April   261 °F16.11 °C37 °F2.78 °C
April   362 °F16.67 °C38 °F3.33 °C
April   462 °F16.67 °C38 °F3.33 °C
April   562 °F16.67 °C38 °F3.33 °C
April   663 °F17.22 °C39 °F3.89 °C
April   763 °F17.22 °C39 °F3.89 °C
April   864 °F17.78 °C39 °F3.89 °C
April   964 °F17.78 °C40 °F4.44 °C
April   1064 °F17.78 °C40 °F4.44 °C
April   1165 °F18.33 °C40 °F4.44 °C
April   1265 °F18.33 °C40 °F4.44 °C
April   1365 °F18.33 °C41 °F5 °C
April   1466 °F18.89 °C41 °F5 °C
April   1566 °F18.89 °C41 °F5 °C
April   1666 °F18.89 °C42 °F5.56 °C
April   1767 °F19.44 °C42 °F5.56 °C
April   1867 °F19.44 °C42 °F5.56 °C
April   1967 °F19.44 °C43 °F6.11 °C
April   2068 °F20 °C43 °F6.11 °C
April   2168 °F20 °C43 °F6.11 °C
April   2268 °F20 °C44 °F6.67 °C
April   2369 °F20.56 °C44 °F6.67 °C
April   2469 °F20.56 °C44 °F6.67 °C
April   2569 °F20.56 °C45 °F7.22 °C
April   2670 °F21.11 °C45 °F7.22 °C
April   2770 °F21.11 °C45 °F7.22 °C
April   2870 °F21.11 °C46 °F7.78 °C
April   2971 °F21.67 °C46 °F7.78 °C
April   3071 °F21.67 °C46 °F7.78 °C

Lanzhou Climate Information by Month