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Weather in December

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December in Lanzhou is very cold, as the lowest temperature plummets to 9 °C (15.8 °F) below zero. The entire city may turn white as it snows heavily this month. Meanwhile, the wind often blows, making the weather much colder. It is warm inside, as central heating is supplied. But you need to bring warm clothing to stay warm outside.

December falls during the low travel season. Few visitors go to Lanzhou this month, making hotel rooms and flight tickets easier to book. Planning to visit Lanzhou in December? See China Highlights' tours of Lanzhou for more information.

Lanzhou Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage HighAverage Low
December   141 °F5 °C20 °F-6.67 °C
December   241 °F5 °C20 °F-6.67 °C
December   340 °F4.44 °C19 °F-7.22 °C
December   440 °F4.44 °C19 °F-7.22 °C
December   539 °F3.89 °C19 °F-7.22 °C
December   639 °F3.89 °C18 °F-7.78 °C
December   739 °F3.89 °C18 °F-7.78 °C
December   838 °F3.33 °C17 °F-8.33 °C
December   938 °F3.33 °C17 °F-8.33 °C
December   1038 °F3.33 °C17 °F-8.33 °C
December   1137 °F2.78 °C16 °F-8.89 °C
December   1237 °F2.78 °C16 °F-8.89 °C
December   1336 °F2.22 °C15 °F-9.44 °C
December   1436 °F2.22 °C15 °F-9.44 °C
December   1536 °F2.22 °C15 °F-9.44 °C
December   1635 °F1.67 °C14 °F-10 °C
December   1735 °F1.67 °C14 °F-10 °C
December   1835 °F1.67 °C13 °F-10.56 °C
December   1934 °F1.11 °C13 °F-10.56 °C
December   2034 °F1.11 °C13 °F-10.56 °C
December   2133 °F0.56 °C12 °F-11.11 °C
December   2233 °F0.56 °C12 °F-11.11 °C
December   2333 °F0.56 °C11 °F-11.67 °C
December   2432 °F0 °C11 °F-11.67 °C
December   2532 °F0 °C11 °F-11.67 °C
December   2632 °F0 °C10 °F-12.22 °C
December   2731 °F-0.56 °C10 °F-12.22 °C
December   2831 °F-0.56 °C9 °F-12.78 °C
December   2930 °F-1.11 °C9 °F-12.78 °C
December   3030 °F-1.11 °C9 °F-12.78 °C
December   3130 °F-1.11 °C9 °F-12.78 °C

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