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Weather in February

Lanzhou is cold in February. The average temperature ranges from 5 °C (41 °F) at the highest to –7 °C (19.4°F) at the lowest. The temperature may drop to –9 °C (15.8 °F) at night.

Thermal clothing such as an overcoat and thick jeans are recommended for February, especially when you are outside for a long time.

Chinese New Year may take place in early February. Various authentic Chinese cultural activities are held during the Spring Festival, and some tourists go to Lanzhou to celebrate the New Year with their families.

This month is the low travel season to Lanzhou, but also a great time to travel. China Highlights can help you design your own trip to Lanzhou. Substantial discounts on hotel rooms and flights can be easily found. See China Highlights' tours of Lanzhou for more information.

Lanzhou Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage HighAverage Low
February   137 °F2.78 °C14 °F-10 °C
February   237 °F2.78 °C14 °F-10 °C
February   338 °F3.33 °C15 °F-9.44 °C
February   438 °F3.33 °C15 °F-9.44 °C
February   538 °F3.33 °C15 °F-9.44 °C
February   638 °F3.33 °C15 °F-9.44 °C
February   739 °F3.89 °C16 °F-8.89 °C
February   839 °F3.89 °C16 °F-8.89 °C
February   939 °F3.89 °C16 °F-8.89 °C
February   1040 °F4.44 °C17 °F-8.33 °C
February   1140 °F4.44 °C17 °F-8.33 °C
February   1240 °F4.44 °C17 °F-8.33 °C
February   1341 °F5 °C18 °F-7.78 °C
February   1441 °F5 °C18 °F-7.78 °C
February   1541 °F5 °C19 °F-7.22 °C
February   1642 °F5.56 °C19 °F-7.22 °C
February   1742 °F5.56 °C19 °F-7.22 °C
February   1842 °F5.56 °C20 °F-6.67 °C
February   1943 °F6.11 °C20 °F-6.67 °C
February   2043 °F6.11 °C21 °F-6.11 °C
February   2144 °F6.67 °C21 °F-6.11 °C
February   2244 °F6.67 °C21 °F-6.11 °C
February   2344 °F6.67 °C22 °F-5.56 °C
February   2445 °F7.22 °C22 °F-5.56 °C
February   2545 °F7.22 °C23 °F-5 °C
February   2646 °F7.78 °C23 °F-5 °C
February   2746 °F7.78 °C24 °F-4.44 °C
February   2846 °F7.78 °C24 °F-4.44 °C
February   2947 °F8.33 °C24 °F-4.44 °C

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