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Weather in January

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January in Lanzhou is freezing because of the frequent snow. The lowest temperature drops to –11 °C (12.2 °F) and the highest is about 2 °C (35.6 °F) during the day. The lowest average temperature is –13 °C (8.6 °F) at night. In spite of the cold, the sun sometimes shines and a little breeze blows.

An overcoat and thick trousers are recommended to avoid catching a cold if you stay outdoors for a long time.

Chinese New Year comes in late January or early February. This time of the year may be the best for experiencing authentic Chinese culture, and it is also peak travel season. Train and flight tickets are difficult to book, so consider not traveling during this time of the year. Consult our website to have us help you design your own travel to Lanzhou. Also see our Chinese New Year Travel Guide.

Lanzhou Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage HighAverage Low
January   134 °F1.11 °C12 °F-11.11 °C
January   234 °F1.11 °C12 °F-11.11 °C
January   334 °F1.11 °C12 °F-11.11 °C
January   434 °F1.11 °C12 °F-11.11 °C
January   534 °F1.11 °C11 °F-11.67 °C
January   634 °F1.11 °C11 °F-11.67 °C
January   734 °F1.11 °C11 °F-11.67 °C
January   834 °F1.11 °C11 °F-11.67 °C
January   934 °F1.11 °C11 °F-11.67 °C
January   1034 °F1.11 °C11 °F-11.67 °C
January   1134 °F1.11 °C11 °F-11.67 °C
January   1234 °F1.11 °C11 °F-11.67 °C
January   1334 °F1.11 °C11 °F-11.67 °C
January   1434 °F1.11 °C11 °F-11.67 °C
January   1534 °F1.11 °C11 °F-11.67 °C
January   1634 °F1.11 °C11 °F-11.67 °C
January   1734 °F1.11 °C11 °F-11.67 °C
January   1835 °F1.67 °C11 °F-11.67 °C
January   1935 °F1.67 °C12 °F-11.11 °C
January   2035 °F1.67 °C12 °F-11.11 °C
January   2135 °F1.67 °C12 °F-11.11 °C
January   2235 °F1.67 °C12 °F-11.11 °C
January   2335 °F1.67 °C12 °F-11.11 °C
January   2435 °F1.67 °C12 °F-11.11 °C
January   2536 °F2.22 °C12 °F-11.11 °C
January   2636 °F2.22 °C13 °F-10.56 °C
January   2736 °F2.22 °C13 °F-10.56 °C
January   2836 °F2.22 °C13 °F-10.56 °C
January   2936 °F2.22 °C13 °F-10.56 °C
January   3037 °F2.78 °C13 °F-10.56 °C
January   3137 °F2.78 °C14 °F-10 °C

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