Weather in June

June may be the second hottest month next to July, as the highest temperature reaches nearly 27 °C (80.6 °F) and the lowest averages 13 °C (55.4 °F) during the day. You may feel warm and even a little hot in the afternoon, as the sunshine is very strong.

Bring T-shirts and shorts for your time in Lanzhou in June, as well as protection from the sun, such as an umbrella and sunscreen.

June falls during the peak travel season. We can help you book hotel rooms and flight tickets at large discounts. Consult us to have us help you design your own tour of Lanzhou.

Lanzhou Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage High Average Low
June   178 °F25.56 °C54 °F12.22 °C
June   278 °F25.56 °C54 °F12.22 °C
June   378 °F25.56 °C54 °F12.22 °C
June   479 °F26.11 °C54 °F12.22 °C
June   579 °F26.11 °C54 °F12.22 °C
June   679 °F26.11 °C54 °F12.22 °C
June   779 °F26.11 °C55 °F12.78 °C
June   879 °F26.11 °C55 °F12.78 °C
June   979 °F26.11 °C55 °F12.78 °C
June   1080 °F26.67 °C55 °F12.78 °C
June   1180 °F26.67 °C55 °F12.78 °C
June   1280 °F26.67 °C56 °F13.33 °C
June   1380 °F26.67 °C56 °F13.33 °C
June   1480 °F26.67 °C56 °F13.33 °C
June   1580 °F26.67 °C56 °F13.33 °C
June   1680 °F26.67 °C56 °F13.33 °C
June   1781 °F27.22 °C56 °F13.33 °C
June   1881 °F27.22 °C57 °F13.89 °C
June   1981 °F27.22 °C57 °F13.89 °C
June   2081 °F27.22 °C57 °F13.89 °C
June   2181 °F27.22 °C57 °F13.89 °C
June   2281 °F27.22 °C57 °F13.89 °C
June   2382 °F27.78 °C57 °F13.89 °C
June   2482 °F27.78 °C58 °F14.44 °C
June   2582 °F27.78 °C58 °F14.44 °C
June   2682 °F27.78 °C58 °F14.44 °C
June   2782 °F27.78 °C58 °F14.44 °C
June   2882 °F27.78 °C58 °F14.44 °C
June   2982 °F27.78 °C59 °F15 °C
June   3082 °F27.78 °C59 °F15 °C

Lanzhou Climate Information by Month

Questions and Answers About Weather in June

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