Fairy Pool Scenic Area

Fairy Pool is a renowned attraction in Jiuzhaigou. It is situated in Dalu town, about 45 kilometers (28 miles) from Ganhaizi Lake. In Tibetan, the Fairy Pool Scenic Area is called Nen'en Sangcuo, meaning "a place where fairies bathe."

Rare animals often appear around Fairy Pool. The virgin forest here is an ideal living environment for pandas, golden monkeys, and Tibetan antelopes. The Fairy Pool Scenic Area comprises about 2,000 alpine lakes and travertine pools. The area is celebrated for their three huge colorful pools and a group of small white and pale yellow stone dams. Pools of various shapes and sizes are scattered throughout the lush forest.

The most celebrated natural attractions are the Golden and Silver Beach, the Double-Dragon Pool, the Divine Frog Sea, the Blue Dragon Sea, the Kermes Brook and the limestone waterfalls. In addition to the pools, the area has the best preserved virgin forest and the greatest density of arrow bamboo in Sichuan Province. Many rare animals such as pandas, Tibetan antelopes, and golden monkeys roam the forest.

The Fairy Pools are celebrated for the three huge colorful pools and a group of small stone dams. The colors of the dams are white and pale yellow. The calcified stones in the water resemble agates, coral, and pearls. The three pools are known as the Big Lake, the Green Sea, and the Big Sea, each covering an area of about 6,667 square meters (two acres). The Rippling Golden Stream features stone dams, colorful pools, travertine streams, and waterfalls.

Tianbao Museum can be found in this scenic area. Another historical and cultural attraction is the Horse’s Passage, where Songtsen Gampo -- (617–650) founder of the Kingdom of Tibet in ancient China -- and his troops once passed. Some inns and tents have been built in the willow forests along this historic path for use by tourists. Activities including horse races, barbecues, bonfires, and folk performances given by Tibetan artists are held here. In Tianbao Museum, tourists can see the local lumbermen's cottages and tools. Visitors can plant or adopt trees to contribute to the environmental protection of this scenic area.

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Questions and Answers About Fairy Pool Scenic Area

weihong 2011-06-22
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So this Fairy Pool is not dangerous but the Canyonis, correct?
Hi Weihong, thank you for your question. Neither of these attractions are dangerous. If you would like us to arrange a tour for you, please feel free to contact me at nora@chinahighlights.com. Nice day! Nora Ou replied on 2011-06-22
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