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Lhasa Weather in August

Lhasa Potala PalacePotala Palace

Weather: It is warm, and it's the rainiest month of the year with 121 mm of rainfall. It rains mostly at night about twenty days each August. Rainfall may block roads and make travel difficult, but it also makes for scenic landscapes. On the same day you can have sunshine, fluffy clouds, and a storm. Locals call this weather "four seasons in a day."

The average nightly low temperature is 10 °C (50 °F). The average daily high temperature is 21 °C (70 °F). The altitude of 3,600 meters (12,000 feet) makes it feel warmer. The UV radiation is maximumly intense. There is about 7 hours of sunshine each day. See the Lhasa weather conditions and forecast>>

Clothing: For the large temperature difference between day and night, wear summer clothes and sun protection and bring a jacket and rain gear. A coat and winter gear are needed up in the higher mountain regions.

Altitude Sickness: Most people get altitude sickness, and cardiovascular issues are exacerbated. Seek health advice, and acclimate before long walks or going to higher altitude places. See the Lhasa health advice>>

Things to Do in Lhasa in August

Visit the Potala Palace: This world famous Lhasa landmark is the former palace of the Dalai Lamas. There are 1,000 rooms in its 13 stories, and the building has a history reaching back to the 641. It is beautiful in every season, and the various sides of it present beautiful views. Acclimating for two or three days makes the climb up easier.

Enjoy Namtso Lake

Namtso LakeThe vivid blues at Lake Namtso 4 hours from Lhasa

Walk at Namtso Lake: The salt lake is four hours from Lhasa and makes for a scenic day trip or overnight getaway. It is one of the highest lakes in the world and is reputed to be one of the best scenic places in Tibet.

When the weather is warm, you can enjoy a walk and explore. The elevation is 4,718 meters or 15,000 feet. The sunsets are amazing. 

Regional Travel in August

See the Late Summer Festivals

Festivals: The end of summer is the time the Tibetans have outdoor festivals, sports and games, picnics, and market fairs. The grass is the lushest, and the weather is still warm. These festivals dance between July and August on their lunar calendar, so it is important to check the festival dates.

Notable events around Lhasa include the Ganden Thangka Festival and the Shoton Festival. The Ganden Monastery displays relics and unveils its thangka during its festival. During the Shoton festival (yogurt festival) in Lhasa, the Drepung and Sera monasteries show their huge thangkas, and then many Tibetans go to Norbulingka to have picnics and watch Tibetan opera and dances. Plan a visit to these summer events>>.

Touring Lhasa in August

High Travel Season

Ganden Thangka FestivalUnveiling the Ganden Thangka

High season: August is one of the peak travel months since students are still on their summer vacations, and more young tourists and tour groups crowd Lhasa and its main attractions during the warm weather. So book your travel tickets and rooms in advance.

Let us help you build a travel plan according to your interests and travel constraints and get the hotel rooms, flight tickets and train tickets that you'll appreciate. A Tibet tour visa is required for travel. We can get it for you.

Recommended Tour Packages

4-Day Essence of Lhasa Tour: See the local highlights, including the Potala Palace and Barkhor Street, and visit a Tibetan family. Other customizations are possible.

See Lhasa Tours.

Further Reading

Lhasa Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage HighAverage Low
August   170 °F21.11 °C49 °F9.44 °C
August   270 °F21.11 °C49 °F9.44 °C
August   370 °F21.11 °C49 °F9.44 °C
August   470 °F21.11 °C49 °F9.44 °C
August   570 °F21.11 °C49 °F9.44 °C
August   670 °F21.11 °C49 °F9.44 °C
August   770 °F21.11 °C49 °F9.44 °C
August   870 °F21.11 °C49 °F9.44 °C
August   970 °F21.11 °C49 °F9.44 °C
August   1070 °F21.11 °C49 °F9.44 °C
August   1170 °F21.11 °C49 °F9.44 °C
August   1270 °F21.11 °C49 °F9.44 °C
August   1370 °F21.11 °C49 °F9.44 °C
August   1470 °F21.11 °C49 °F9.44 °C
August   1570 °F21.11 °C48 °F8.89 °C
August   1669 °F20.56 °C48 °F8.89 °C
August   1769 °F20.56 °C48 °F8.89 °C
August   1869 °F20.56 °C48 °F8.89 °C
August   1969 °F20.56 °C48 °F8.89 °C
August   2069 °F20.56 °C48 °F8.89 °C
August   2169 °F20.56 °C48 °F8.89 °C
August   2269 °F20.56 °C48 °F8.89 °C
August   2369 °F20.56 °C48 °F8.89 °C
August   2469 °F20.56 °C48 °F8.89 °C
August   2569 °F20.56 °C48 °F8.89 °C
August   2669 °F20.56 °C48 °F8.89 °C
August   2769 °F20.56 °C48 °F8.89 °C
August   2869 °F20.56 °C48 °F8.89 °C
August   2969 °F20.56 °C48 °F8.89 °C
August   3069 °F20.56 °C48 °F8.89 °C
August   3169 °F20.56 °C48 °F8.89 °C

Lhasa Climate Information by Month