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Lhasa Weather in February

In Lhasa, February is the third coldest month after January and December. The average temperature is 1.1 °C (34 °F), with a maximum temperature of 9 °C (48.2 °F) and a minimum temperature of –6.8 °C (19.8 °F).

In February, few visitors come to Lhasa due to the cold weather. It is the low travel season and trains and flights are usually available. Hotel rates are also more reasonable. If you plan to visit Lhasa in February, you can save a lot of money.

Nights are chilly even if it is sunny during the day. Bring your winter clothes. Generally, a T-shirt, an overcoat, and jeans are necessary. Sunhats, sunglasses, and suntan lotion are also indispensable to avoid being burned by the strong ultraviolet rays in this high-altitude area. Also bring lipstick or other lip protection as it is usually windy and dry in Lhasa. See our Lhasa Tours.

Lhasa Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage High Average Low
February   145 °F7.22 °C16 °F-8.89 °C
February   246 °F7.78 °C16 °F-8.89 °C
February   346 °F7.78 °C16 °F-8.89 °C
February   446 °F7.78 °C17 °F-8.33 °C
February   546 °F7.78 °C17 °F-8.33 °C
February   646 °F7.78 °C17 °F-8.33 °C
February   746 °F7.78 °C17 °F-8.33 °C
February   847 °F8.33 °C18 °F-7.78 °C
February   947 °F8.33 °C18 °F-7.78 °C
February   1047 °F8.33 °C18 °F-7.78 °C
February   1147 °F8.33 °C18 °F-7.78 °C
February   1247 °F8.33 °C19 °F-7.22 °C
February   1347 °F8.33 °C19 °F-7.22 °C
February   1448 °F8.89 °C19 °F-7.22 °C
February   1548 °F8.89 °C19 °F-7.22 °C
February   1648 °F8.89 °C20 °F-6.67 °C
February   1748 °F8.89 °C20 °F-6.67 °C
February   1848 °F8.89 °C20 °F-6.67 °C
February   1948 °F8.89 °C20 °F-6.67 °C
February   2049 °F9.44 °C21 °F-6.11 °C
February   2149 °F9.44 °C21 °F-6.11 °C
February   2249 °F9.44 °C21 °F-6.11 °C
February   2349 °F9.44 °C21 °F-6.11 °C
February   2449 °F9.44 °C21 °F-6.11 °C
February   2550 °F10 °C22 °F-5.56 °C
February   2650 °F10 °C22 °F-5.56 °C
February   2750 °F10 °C22 °F-5.56 °C
February   2850 °F10 °C22 °F-5.56 °C
February   2950 °F10 °C23 °F-5 °C

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