Lhasa Weather in January

January is the coldest month of the year in Lhasa, with an average temperature of –1.6 °C (29.1 °F). The maximum temperature is 6.9 °C (44.4 °F) and the minimum temperature is –10.1 °C (13.8 °F). Although it is very cold this month, there are still lots of pleasant days when the sun shines in Lhasa. The weather is dry and windy.

Despite lots of sunlight in , there is still a very big difference in daytime and nighttime temperatures. At night, the weather is chilly even if it was sunny during the day. Since most hotels in Lhasa have no central heating, bring winter clothing. Generally, a T-shirt, an overcoat, and jeans are necessary. Sunhats, sunglasses, and suntan lotion are also indispensable to avoid being burned by the strong ultraviolet rays in this high altitude area. What's more, since it is usually windy and dry in Lhasa, bring lipstick or other lip protection. Considering the thin air and high-latitude of Lhasa, please get a health checkup before going to make sure that you can adapt to the climate there. Also bring medicine to prevent altitude sickness, and vitamins can help you get accustomed to the local weather. See our Lhasa Tours.

Lhasa Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage High Average Low
January   144 °F6.67 °C14 °F-10 °C
January   244 °F6.67 °C13 °F-10.56 °C
January   344 °F6.67 °C13 °F-10.56 °C
January   444 °F6.67 °C13 °F-10.56 °C
January   544 °F6.67 °C13 °F-10.56 °C
January   644 °F6.67 °C13 °F-10.56 °C
January   744 °F6.67 °C13 °F-10.56 °C
January   844 °F6.67 °C13 °F-10.56 °C
January   944 °F6.67 °C13 °F-10.56 °C
January   1044 °F6.67 °C13 °F-10.56 °C
January   1144 °F6.67 °C13 °F-10.56 °C
January   1244 °F6.67 °C13 °F-10.56 °C
January   1344 °F6.67 °C13 °F-10.56 °C
January   1444 °F6.67 °C13 °F-10.56 °C
January   1544 °F6.67 °C13 °F-10.56 °C
January   1644 °F6.67 °C13 °F-10.56 °C
January   1744 °F6.67 °C14 °F-10 °C
January   1844 °F6.67 °C14 °F-10 °C
January   1944 °F6.67 °C14 °F-10 °C
January   2044 °F6.67 °C14 °F-10 °C
January   2144 °F6.67 °C14 °F-10 °C
January   2244 °F6.67 °C14 °F-10 °C
January   2344 °F6.67 °C14 °F-10 °C
January   2445 °F7.22 °C14 °F-10 °C
January   2545 °F7.22 °C15 °F-9.44 °C
January   2645 °F7.22 °C15 °F-9.44 °C
January   2745 °F7.22 °C15 °F-9.44 °C
January   2845 °F7.22 °C15 °F-9.44 °C
January   2945 °F7.22 °C15 °F-9.44 °C
January   3045 °F7.22 °C16 °F-8.89 °C
January   3145 °F7.22 °C16 °F-8.89 °C

Lhasa Climate Information by Month

Questions and Answers About Lhasa Weather in January

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