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Lhasa Weather in March

In March, the weather is warmer than during the previous two months, with an average temperature of 4.6 °C (40.2 °F). The maximum temperature is 12.1 °C (53.8 °F) and the minimum temperature is –3 °C (26.6 °F). March is the first month of spring. Temperatures increase and the relative humidity also increases during the month.

The Exorcism Festival falls on the month on March 11. On this day, there are celebrations in the streets, squares, and monasteries in Lhasa. Although the weather is warmer in March, a few days see low temperatures. It is sunny, dry, and windy, and Lhasa sees few visitors, making March a low travel time and trains and flights are usually available. Hotel rates are also more reasonable. If you are planning to visit Lhasa in March, you can save a lot of money.

Generally, winter clothes are needed at night and a T-shirt, overcoat, and jeans are fine for the daytime. Bring a sunhat, sunglasses, and suntan lotion to avoid damage from the strong ultraviolet lights at this high-altitude area. Also bring lipstick or lip protection, as it is usually windy and dry in Lhasa. See our Lhasa Tours.

Lhasa Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage High Average Low
March   151 °F10.56 °C23 °F-5 °C
March   251 °F10.56 °C23 °F-5 °C
March   351 °F10.56 °C23 °F-5 °C
March   451 °F10.56 °C24 °F-4.44 °C
March   551 °F10.56 °C24 °F-4.44 °C
March   652 °F11.11 °C24 °F-4.44 °C
March   752 °F11.11 °C24 °F-4.44 °C
March   852 °F11.11 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
March   952 °F11.11 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
March   1052 °F11.11 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
March   1153 °F11.67 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
March   1253 °F11.67 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
March   1353 °F11.67 °C26 °F-3.33 °C
March   1453 °F11.67 °C26 °F-3.33 °C
March   1553 °F11.67 °C26 °F-3.33 °C
March   1654 °F12.22 °C26 °F-3.33 °C
March   1754 °F12.22 °C27 °F-2.78 °C
March   1854 °F12.22 °C27 °F-2.78 °C
March   1954 °F12.22 °C27 °F-2.78 °C
March   2054 °F12.22 °C27 °F-2.78 °C
March   2155 °F12.78 °C28 °F-2.22 °C
March   2255 °F12.78 °C28 °F-2.22 °C
March   2355 °F12.78 °C28 °F-2.22 °C
March   2455 °F12.78 °C28 °F-2.22 °C
March   2555 °F12.78 °C28 °F-2.22 °C
March   2656 °F13.33 °C29 °F-1.67 °C
March   2756 °F13.33 °C29 °F-1.67 °C
March   2856 °F13.33 °C29 °F-1.67 °C
March   2956 °F13.33 °C29 °F-1.67 °C
March   3056 °F13.33 °C30 °F-1.11 °C
March   3157 °F13.89 °C30 °F-1.11 °C

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