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Liujiaxia Attraction

Liujiaxia is located in the upper section of the Yellow River, and is famous for the Liujiaxia Hydroelectric Power Station, which was built in 1974. The power station gives the place many magnificent landscapes related to the Yellow River. You can take a tour of China including this attraction by contacting us to help you tailor-make your own tour.

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Liujiaxia Hydroelectric Power Station

80 kilometers from Lanzhou City, capital of Northwest China’s Gansu Province, Liujia Xia is located in the west of Yongji County, Linxia autonomous prefecture of Gansu Province. There constructed Liujiaxia Hydroelectric Power Station, one of the key projects built during the period of the first Five-Year Plan in China. Since its completion in 1974, the station has been the seventh cascade hydropower station on the main stream of the Yellow River, functioning power generation, flood prevention, irrigation, aquaculture, shipping and tourism. Construction of the project began in September 1958, ceased in 1961 temporarily, resumed in 1964, and impounded in October 1968. The first turbine generator has begun sending electricity to the state power grid since April 1, 1969. The whole project was finished in December 1974.