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Liuzhou Attractions

Liuzhou is an industrious, but not a tourist, city. However, it still worthy of a visit because it is an important transfer station for travelers intending to visit the numerous ethnic minority villages in the areas near the city. In the Liuzhou urban area, several parks display the graceful mountains and pools in the city. Join our Liuzhou classic tour to see the best of Liuzhou and the nearby areas.

Most Popular Liuzhou Attractions

Liuhou Park

FeatureIt is built in honor of Liu Zhongyuan – a great literate in the Tang Dynasty who was once the governor of Liuzhou.OverviewLiuhou Park covers an area of about 20 hectares. In 1909, the original Liuhou M..

Longtan Park

FeatureIt is a large-scaled scenic area where you can enjoy the karst natural scenery, ethnic customs of minorities in southern China along with the subtropical karstic plantscape.OverviewThe tour to the Longta..

Dule Karst Scenic Area

FeatureIt is regarded to be the “palace of the art of the nature”.OverviewDule Karst is not a grotto but the name of a group of karsts. The scenic area, covering an area of 10 kilometers, is consisted of 12..

Bailian Cave

FeatureThere is the first cave science museum of China in the Bailian Cave.OverviewBailian Cave is 20 meters high with the main cave covering 774 square meters. By the side of the cave, an underground river is ..