Longtan Park


It is a large-scaled scenic area where you can enjoy the karst natural scenery, ethnic customs of minorities in southern China along with the subtropical karstic plantscape.


The tour to the Longtan Park can feed your eyes with the bizarre mountains and crystal water in the subtropical karstic area as well as the ethnic buildings of various styles. You can also enjoy the ethnic songs and dances performance in the minority village, and taste the peculiar dishes of minorities.

Longtan Park is embraced by verdant mountains. With distinct shapes, the 24 mountains including Sleeping Tiger Mountain, Beauty Peak and Peacock Mountain are standing among a lake (Mirror Lake), two ponds (Long Pond and Lei Pond) and four valleys. There are subtropical plants amounting to 700 types. Caryota ochlandra, Archontophoenix alexandrae and Dattel are of vitality and luxuriant foliage.

The theme of the park is the ethnic buildings and the customs of the minorities in Southern China and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. You can fully feel the ethnic customs and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. The Village of the Dong Minority, consisted of “Drum-tower”, “Wind and Rain Bridge”, “Wood Residences” and “Relaxing Public Lavatory”, present a splendid sight. At the Longtan Wind and Rain Bridge, you can feel the customs of the minorities in southern China, appreciate the diversified folk architecture art and taste the local flavors including oil tea, bamboo rice and sour fish (in fact, it is salty other than sour) . Moreover, you can watch or even take part in the duet folk song activity of the Zhuang, Dong, Miao and Yao Minorities as well as the various song and dance performances involving throwing the embroidered ball, Qianghuapao (it is like rugby and literally means "scramble for the flower gun") and so on.

Address: Longtan Road, NO.43, Liuzhou City

Opening Time: 8:30-17:00

How to get there: You can take the bus NO.19 to be there.

Best Time to Be There: Longtan Park is a good destination all the year round. In spring, you can feast your eyes on flowers and walk around leisurely. In summer, you can play with water or even swim. In autumn, you can have a picnic or enjoy the glorious moon. In winter, festive lanterns are there waiting for you.