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Liuzhou Shopping

There are quite a lot of local specialties in Liuzhou City. Kumquat, ponkan, Shatian Pomelo, lotus root, Symplocos lancifolia, mushroom, honeysweet orange, gynostemma pentaphylla, sweet bamboo sprout, big-sized ginger, square-shaped white glutinous rice cake can easily be found in the markets.

Two kinds of crafts of Liuzhou are also very famous. They are bizarre stone and coffin. After appreciating the stones in Jianpan Mountain Bizarre Stone Garden, Bagui Bizarre Stone Museum, Rare Stone Museum in Yufeng Park and Bizarre Stone Musum in Liuhou Park, you are advised to wander at the bizarre stone market at the foot of Ma’an Mountain. You may then find a rare and valuable stone. Nowadays, the coffin in Liuzhou has been changed into "official and money".
meaning being successful in both politics and business. The coffins are now made with smaller size and delicate appearance. No wonder it becomes an auspicious craft of collection value.

Where to Buy Bizarre Stones

  • Liuzhou Bizarre Stone City (by the Donghuan Road, Liuzhou City)
  • Liuzhou Bizarre Stone Garden (Pingshan Avenue NO.343, Liuzhou City)
  • Jianpan Mountain Bizarre Garden
  • Stone Capital of China

The Three Busiest Areas of Liuzhou City

  • Along the Zhongshan, Longcheng, Jiefang, Wuyi, Bayi Roads at the west bank of the Liu River, there are some malls including Gongmao, Wuxing Business, Zhongbai, Longcheng, Telecom and Zhongjiao Buildings as well as some small and medium stores.
  • Along the Yufeng Road, Jiahe Road, Taiping Street, Pingshan Avenue and Gupu Street at the south bank of the Liu River, there is Dongfeng Mall, Jiahe Department Store, Pingshan Market, Jiahe Market, Liuzhou Wujiaohua Market and Liuzhou Supermarket.
  • Between the Liuzhou Railway Station and Jiahe Crossing at the Fei’e Road Business Area, there are several large-scaled wholesale markets or shopping malls. They are Fei'e Industrial Products Whole-sale Market, Fei'e Shopping Mall, Jin'e Market, Jiali Shopping Mall, Yinxing Business City and Yinxing Commercial City.