Penang as a beautiful island got its name as George Town by British, while Chinese call it Penang Island. What makes it charming is its multiple cultures background. Here you will know Malaysian ladies’ tenderness and poetic atmosphere. Even if you have no experience traveling overseas and even if you know only a little English, Penang is a wonder for you to explore.

Butterfly garden in Penang is very famous. Over 4000 butterflies of 50 plus kinds, frogs, scorpions and other insects are kept here. And you can also find here a lily pond, waterfalls, tunnels, laboratories, etc. The precious cyatheaceae, the living fossil, are stretching their bodies; the butterflies on them ( about 4130 in number) are presenting their colorful wings, eye-catching. Strolling in such a wonderful garden, you will be always moved by a well-designed presentation and enjoy the process of discoveries.