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Manzhouli Attractions

Manzhouli is a city in north China neighboring Russi a and Mongolia, the vast Hukun Buir Grand Grassland, fantastic Hulun Lake and the unique Matryoshka Doll Thematic Square. Let's help you customize a trip to explore the beauties in Manzhouli together with other attractions in Inner Mongolia.

Most Popular Manzhouli Attractions

Hulun Lake

Hulun Lake is one of the five largest freshwater lakes in China. It is located near the city of Manzhouli in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in northern China. The area around the lake has fantastic scene..

Matryoshka Doll Square

The city of Manzhouli lies on the border of China and Russia in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The city is a fusion of three cultures, but there is one landmark attraction that really features ..