Hulun Lake

Being one of the five largest fresh water lakes in China, Hulun Lake boasts fantastic natural landscape and unique ethnic flavors, hence its popularity with tourists. The summer here is very cool, with the sky reflecting in the river and reeds growing robustly. Many bizarre shaped stones that either resemble columns, tiger mouth or elephant husks can be seen here.

On the west side of the lake, Mongolian tents, Le cart (a traditional wooden vehicle used by people here ), the flocks of goats and horses and camels grazing under the blue sky and white clouds all remind you that you are in an idyllic scene.

hulun lake

To be a guest at the households of the Xinbaerhu Mongolian nomadic people (one tribe of Mongolian people), you must get ready for their overwhelming hospitality. They will welcome you with authentic milk tea and various dairy products. And you as a visitor to the Hulun Lake, should not miss out on the renowned dish here: the whole fish feast which is both nurturing and fresh and toothsome, pushing the fish-cooking to a fine art.