Hainan Province Map

This map of Hainan province shows the location of Hainan within China, and the capital city of Hainan.

Hainan Location Map
Hainan's location in China. Click here to enlarge!

Cities in Hainan Province

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Questions and Answers About Hainan Province Map

Andy 2013-03-21
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what is the best airport to fly into from LAX if I am staying in Hainan ?
Dear Andy, You could take a flight from Haikou airport(HAK)to LAX. Please click this link to check the details. Click: http://www.flychina.com/LFW/LowFare.aspx?Q3vaDfUOQKXYFa5hvjGh%2bsoVQyJryMRPGVWbsQcwMhEb%2fr4NQd2dZVleW2s9ECPA7SI7tNTeKg2KlfdE0%2bEfuis0I1FlEy4fYqRohITbZPEPSazKdZdoL6H20YqDpneAJnKzI7kj4Umtb8IjMY7ubQ%3d%3d Lussie Lu replied on 2013-03-21
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