Transportation Maps In China

Transportation in ancient China was on poor condition. People traveled mainly on foot. It took several months for a candidate who expected to take the imperial examination to be a government official to go from home to the capital on foot. People also rode horses when traveling from town to town. China Transportation Guide

China Railway Map

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Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway Map

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Q:phyllis Asked on 10:36 PM Mar. 02 2014 Reply
Is there any train from Lijiang to Xian? and how long does it take?

Hi Phyllis, there is no train from Lijiang to Xian. You can go to Kunming to take it. The train from Kunming to Xian takes about 35hours. 

Whitney Liao Replied on 7:13 PM Mar. 04 2014
Q:salim Ahmad Asked on 11:50 PM Jun. 28 2013 Reply
Bijjing to Kashi-get on silk road enter Pakistan via train /bus

Hi Salim, what can I do for you, please? Do you need any tour service?

Whitney Liao Replied on 04:46 AM Jul. 01 2013

Q:Rachele Asked on 4:25 PM Mar. 11 2013 Reply
Hi!Next August I will stay in China for holidays. Can you tell me the easiest way to go from Shanghai to Hong Kong by train? I read that in 2013 starts a new line of high speed train, it''s true? Which cities between Shanghai and Hong Kong I have to visit?Thank you for help me!RegardsRachele
Hi Rachele, there are direct trains from Shanghai to Hong Kong, but it is only available on even-numbered days. Between Shanghai and Hong Kong, you can visit Hangzhou, Suzhou, Huangshan, Yangtze River, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guilin,Yangshuo,etc. Whitney Liao Replied on 01:46 AM Mar. 12 2013
Q:May Fong Asked on 02:38 AM Feb. 20 2013 Reply
請問由北京去山東省日召巿Rizhao city有多遠?有什麼交通如公車或火車可去到嗎?車費要多少呢?謝謝

Hi May, 从北京到日照,您可以乘火车去。 K51 北京 - 日照 23:08 - 11:11,  12小时3分,  硬座124,  硬卧下230,  软卧下351.


Whitney Liao Replied on 04:25 AM Feb. 20 2013
Q:adadsadsdadsadasdsdasdadsdsad Asked on 03:33 AM Nov. 01 2012 Reply
hi what type fo transportation was use in ancient china

Hello Ad, usually they use horse-drawn vehicle.

Whitney Liao Replied on 06:22 AM Nov. 01 2012