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Compared to China, Mongolia isn’t known as a popular travel destination. Mongolia is a fairly empty large country. It isn’t known for architecture or technology, but there are hundreds of kilometers of beautiful natural deserts, prairies, and mountainous areas that are great for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, riding horses and camels, and staying in yurts and eating Mongolian cuisine. About half a million tourists visit the big country every year. Many want to see Mongolian culture and the landscape, and the adventurous explore the region and experience the nomadic lifestyle. See China Highlights'Mongolia tours. People can fly into Mongolia’s only international airport at Ulaanbaatar and find luxury accommodations. Mongolia is the world’s most sparsely inhabited independent country, and it is known as a comparatively safe country for travelers if people are cautious. Most of the nomads make very little money in cash terms and are eager to sell their services and ger (yurt) accommodations. The endless prairies and deserts, tree covered mountains, and nomadic people are the main attractions in Mongolia.

Travel Geography

There are five main geographical regions. Central Mongolia has the highest concentration of people. This is where Ulaan Baatar is that is by far the largest city with about a million people. The second biggest city that is called Erdenet that is to the north has less than 100,000 people. Overall, the land slants down from the high range of the Altai Mountains in Western Mongolia and Northern Mongolia to the desert plateaus of the Gobi desert in Southern Mongolia and the low-lying plains in Eastern Mongolia. The best wildlife preserves with forests and mountains are in Northern, Western, and Central Mongolia, and Southern Mongolia has the Gobi desert with desert scenery.

Mongolia Weather

Mongolia is a big country with a varied geography, but because of its northern latitude, the generally high altitude, and the proximity to Siberia, the country is generally cold. There is generally a big diurnal temperature difference. The regions of Northern, Western, and Central Mongolia are extremely cold except in the summer. Ulaan Baatar is known as the world's coldest capital city. The Gobi desert area can get quite hot in the summer. The climate in the country depends on the region. Read more

Mongolia Food

One thing that Mongolia is famous for is its meat and dairy products. It is a country with a lot of cattle, sheep, and other edible large animals. However, the local dairy specialties are prepared in a way that is unpalatable to most tourists. However, you can buy the cheese and fresh milk. Popular beverages include fermented milk and salty milk tea, and popular meals are dumplings and stews. China Highlights' Mongolia tours, almost without exception, include a change to experience Mongolia dining culture. Read more

Mongolia Festival

The Mongolians have two main traditional festivals and holidays. These are opportunities to watch the Mongolian people's cultural activities. One falls in the winter and one happens in the summer. However, due to the harsh climate, you may only wish to be there in the summer(see Mongolia weahter). The Spring Festival happens in the winter or the early spring, and the Naadam Festival happens in July. Read More

  • Chinese Name: 蒙古
  • English Name: Mongolia
  • Capital: Ulaanbaatar
  • Official Language: Khalkha Mongolian
  • Area: 15,665,000sq. km.
  • Population: 26,834,000
  • Time Zone: (UTC+8)