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Mongolia Festivals

The Mongolians have two main traditional festivals and holidays. These are opportunities to watch the Mongolian people's cultural activities. One falls in the winter and one happens in the summer. However, due to the harsh climate, you may only wish to be there in the summer(see Mongolia weahter). The Spring Festival happens in the winter or the early spring, and the Naadam Festival happens in July.

Spring Festival (Qagan Sar)

Qagan Sar is the winter festival. It is the official Mongolian New Year holiday(see Chinese New Year), and it falls on the same day as the Tibetan New Year. It usually falls on the same day as the Chinese New Year, but sometimes it is a month off. It falls two lunar months after the first new moon following the winter solstice. This means it usually falls in icy February. Once it was a celebration of the nomads, but the government made it a national holiday in 1988.

If you can brave the weather and get out to where the nomads have their celebrations, then you will have the opportunity to watch lots of cultural activities such as singing, dancing, wrestling, and winter horse racing. The people feast on traditional food.

Naadam - National Day

This is the summer festival. Festivities, picnics and competitive events are held all over the country. Men and some women compete in the manly sports of wrestling, horse riding competitions, and archery. It is held on July 11-13. China highlights can help our customers to arrange their trips to Mongolia to watch the Naadam Festival.

See Naadam Festival in Inner Mongolia, China.

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