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Mongolia Food

Mongolia Food

 Mongolia is famous for is its meat and dairy products. It is a country with a lot of cattle, sheep, and other edible large animals. However, the local dairy specialties are prepared in a way that is unpalatable to most tourists. However, you can buy the cheese and fresh milk. Popular beverages include fermented milk and salty milk tea, and popular meals are dumplings and stews.China Highlights' Mongolia tours, almost without exception, include a change to experience Mongolia dining culture.

A typical meal is fried noodles and mutton and ketchup for about 1 USD. A greasy dish is called khurshuur that is a fried pancake stuffed with mutton and onion. Buuz is also popular. It is similar to khurshuur, but it is boiled rather than fried. A meal of buuz costs about 0.60 USD. The Mongolians also like to make stews with various kinds of meat and vegetables.

The national drink is called airag. It is made by fermenting mare's milk. Since it is made of milk it is nutritious. Another popular drink is milk tea made from boiled milk and water and some tea.

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