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Mongolia Weather

Mongolia is a big country with a varied geography, but because of its northern latitude, the generally high altitude, and the proximity to Siberia, the country is generally cold. There is generally a big diurnal temperature difference. The regions of Northern, Western, and Central Mongolia are extremely cold except in the summer. Ulaan Baatar is known as the world's coldest capital city. The Gobi desert area can get quite hot in the summer. The climate in the country depends on the region.

The country has a total area of about 1,564,116 square kilometers or about 603,909 square miles. It is the world's 19th largest country. The big territory has three mountain ranges, and the Gobi desert is on a plateau. The weather in the big country depends on the location, but it is said that in the winter, the average low temperatures may drop to -30 degree Celsius or -22 degrees Fahrenheit. Lately, the winters have been unusually severe and ruined the nomad economy in some areas.

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