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Mount Lu Attractions

Mount Lu is one of the 4 best places to avoid summer heat in China, and it is a hot tourist destination since ancient times. In fact, the whole mount is a big attraction, and the two attractions listed below are all included in Mount Lu. In this mount, travelers can appreciate the silvery waterfalls, green mountain surrounded by white cloud and exquisite garden architectures.

Most Popular Mount Lu Attractions

Wulao Peaks

Wulao Peaks, located at the southeast side of Mt Lu, is a famous peak with an elevation of 1,436 meters. The peak is named after the fact that the summit of the peak, cut across by a mountain pass, is split int..

Donglin Temple

Donglin Temple, located at the west foot of Mt Lu, was built by a monk called Hunyuan, who founded the Jingtuzong sect of Buddhism, during the East Jin Dynasty.It is one of the oldest temples on the mountain, w..