Wulao Peaks

Wulao Peaks, located at the southeast side of Mt Lu, is a famous peak with an elevation of 1,436 meters. The peak is named after the fact that the summit of the peak, cut across by a mountain pass, is split into five separate peaks. Seen from the base of the mountain, the five peaks look like five old men sitting on the ground. Wulao Peaks are the best venue on Mt. Lu to watch the sunrise and sunset.

The five peaks show up different images when seen from different points of view. Some look like fishermen fishing; others look like old monks sitting cross-legged. Of the five peaks, the second peak stands out the most because of its oddly-shaped rocks; the third peak is the most dangerous, the fourth peak the most beautiful and the fifth is open and relatively expansive. At the foot of Wulao Peaks lies the most famous sight on Mt. Lu, Three Step Waterfall.

The waterfall spills over three glaciation-formed, natural terraces, en route to the pool below. It has a drop of 155 meters. Three Step Waterfall is considered one of the highlights of Mt Lu, which is evidenced by the local saying that any visit to Mt. Lu is incomplete without seeing Three Step Waterfall.


Mt. Lu, located in the subtropical monsoon zone of east China, has a distinguished mountainous climate. It has no extremes in either winter or summer. The average temperature from July to September is 16.9 degrees Celsius and the highest temperature in summer is around 32 Celsius. Mt. Lu receives an abundance of rainfall all year round, with an average precipitation of 1,900 millimeters, and 168 rainy days each year. Mt. Lu is foggy for most of the year, with around 192 days of fog on the mountain.

The scenery of Mt. Lu changes according to the seasons but is beautiful all year round. Summer is the best time to visit Mt. Lu as the weather is very comfortable and the scenery at its best. In summer, temperature varies greatly between the mountain base and the mountain top.

The highest temperature at the mountain base can reach 39 degrees or more while the temperature at the top is only 23. Temperature also changes dramatically between day and night. Temperature in the morning and at night is around 15-20 degrees.