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Mount Lu Shopping

In the famous mountain, you will see many peddlers and small stores selling souvenirs along the hill path. Shopping in Lushan is mainly about tourism and culture. The most famous product here is the Yunwu Tea. Otherwise, you can visit a special street called Guling Street, which gains its name in that the shape of the hill is like the cattle. In this street, many little and exquisite handicrafts and souvenirs attract many tourists to buy, for they are the ideal gifts for friends or relatives.

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Yunwu Tea

The most popular product in Mount Lu is Yunwu Tea, which is one of the top ten teas in China. Yunwu Tea first produced in Han Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty was its most prosperous period, and then was listed as the Gong Tea in Song Dynasty. With pure flavor, beautiful color, fragrance, and pure liquid Yunwu Tea is sold very well at home and abroad.

  • Chinese name: 云雾茶 Yunwu Cha / ywung-woo cha /
  • Place to Buy: Changling Yunwu Tea 长岭云雾茶 Changling Yunwu Cha
  • Address: Gaolong Village, Haihui Town, Lushan District 九江市庐山区海会镇庐山区
  • Transportation: Take bus at the bus station and it will take about half an hour.

Special Street

Guling Street

Guling Street, derived from the word "Cooling", has a good name of "the real paradise street", which located at the elevation of about 1100 meters. The street boosts both western and eastern characteristics. It is also one of the four villas in China. As the street gathers shopping, accommodation, entertainment, and tourism, it is the symbol of Mount Lu.

  • Chinese name: 牯岭街 Guling Jie / goo-ling jyeh /
  • Address: on the top of Mount Lu