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Mount Lu Transportation

Mount Lu, located in the southern part of Jiujiang County, is a renowned attraction in Jiangxi Province. Generally speaking, travelers intending to Mount Lu, should arrive at Jiujiang County or Jiujing City first, and then transfer to a bus to Mount Lu. There is a town on Mount Lu: Gulin Town (牯岭镇). From the foot of Mount Lu to the North Gate (北门, the main entrance of Mount Lu) on the top, a mountain road is available for travelers. However, there are too many turnings along the road (about 400 turnings), travelers are advised to prepare for possible carsickness before board the bus.

Transportation in Gulin Town, the Center of Mount Lu

There are three gates for entering to Mount Lu, the North Gate, the South Gate and the East Gate, and the main entrance is the North Gate. Mount Lu is a large scenic spot with the center of Gulin Town, and the attractions are very dispersive. Hence, the transportation in the scenic spot is very important. There are tourist buses running among the attractions in Mount Lu. However, because the short of demand, many travelers would like to minibuses and taxis, which also run among those attractions.

From Jiujiang to Mount Lu

After arriving at Jiujiang City, no matter by train, by air or by ship, travelers can transfer to a bus to get to Gulin Town in Mount Lu.

Jiujiang Railway Station

There are tourist buses in the Square of Jiujiang Railway Station (九江火车站广场), departing to Gulin Town. The voyage is 36 kilometers long, and the length of the time is 50 minutes. The approximate ticket is 15 yuan per person.

Jiujiang Long-Distance Bus Station

Passengers also can take a minibus or a coach to Gulin Town in Mount Lu in JIujiang Long-Distance Bus Station. The departure interval is 30 minutes, and the approximate ticket is 9 yuan per person. Passengers arriving at Jiujiang Railway Station can take a city bus to Jiujiang Long-Distance Bus Station (exiting the railway station, one can find the city bus station is right at the right).

Jiujiang Airport

Travelers can take an airport shuttle bus to Jiujiang urban area, and then transfer to a bus departing to Mount Lu. It takes about 100-150 yuan for taking a taxi direct to Mount Lu.

Jiujiang Ferry Terminal

Near the terminal, minibus to Mount Lu is available.

From Nanchang to Mount Lu

Nanchang is 116 kilometers from Mount Lu. From Nanchang to Mount Lu, coach transport is the recommended means of transportation. Nanchang Long-distance Bus Station (南昌长途汽车站) offers buses to Mount Lu daily. Every day, the bus departs at 08:25 am, and during tourist rush season, more buses are available. The ticket is 36 yuan.

Note: The terminal for the direct bus from Nanchang to Mount Lu is Lushan Long-distance Bus Station in Gulin Town. When the bus arrives at the South Entrance, travelers are required to get off to buy entrance tickets. After buying the entrance tickets, travelers are advised to get on the bus as quickly as possible, for ticket checking.

Transportation to Jiujiang City


Lushan Airport (庐山机场) is a small airport located in Jiujiang County, Jiujiang City. The airport is about 50 kilometers from Jiujiang City and 30 kilometers from Mount Lu. At present, it offers flights from Jiujiang to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Haikou, Shenzhen and Xiamen, and these flights only available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.


Mount Lu is situated in the middle section of Beijing-Kowloon Railway, which extends from Beijing and provinces of Liaoning, Jining and Heilongjiang in North China to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong in the South. It takes shorter than 1 day for travelers in the cities in the railway line to get to Mount Lu. There are three railway stations quite near Mount Lu: Jiujiang Railway Station, Lushan Railway Station, Nanchang Railway Station, and there are trains coming to going to many cities in China every day.

If travelers arrive at Nanchang or Wuchang (a district in Wuhan) by air firstly, they can easily take a train to Lushan Railway Station in Nanchang Railway Station (南昌火车站) or Wuchang Railway Staion (武昌火车站). The length of the time from Nanchang to Lushan is about 2 hours, and that for the voyage from Wuchang to Lushan is about 3.5 hours. After getting off the train at Lushang Railway Station, travelers are advised to transfer to a bus to Jiujiang Long-Distance Bus Station with 30-minute drive, and then take a bus to Gulin Town in Mount Lu.