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Mount Tai Attractions

Mount Tai is one of the most beautiful and magnificent mountains in China, and it is famous for its majestic natural landscapes and rich cultures. There are many attractions on the mountain, including the three most significant: Jade Emperor Peak, Bixia Temple and Dai Temple. China Highlights has several well-designed tours that include the attractions of Mount Tai.

Most Popular Mount Tai Attractions

Dai Temple

Dai Temple, located at the south foot of Mount Tai, is the largest and best-preserved ancient building complex in the scenic area of Mount Tai. It was firstly built during Han Dynasty and greatly expanded durin..

Bixia Temple

Bixia Temple (Azure Cloud Temple) is located south of the summit of Mount Tai, Jade Emperor Peak, east of Heavenly Street, and 6.5 kilometers away from Dai Temple. It was firstly built at the year of 1008 durin..

Jade Emperor Peak

Jade Emperor Peak (in Chinese mythology, the Jade Emperor is the most powerful god in the heaven) is the summit of Mount Tai. The city of Tai’an, at the foot of Mount Tai, is 153 meters above sea level, while..