Jade Emperor Peak

Jade Emperor Peak (in Chinese mythology, the Jade Emperor is the most powerful god in the heaven) is the summit of Mount Tai. The city of Tai’an, at the foot of Mount Tai, is 153 meters above sea level, while the Jade Emperor is 1545 meters above sea level, with the sharp altitude difference of 1392 meters offering tourists a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the entire area. It is also called Taiping Peak (Peace Peak) and Celestial Pillar Peak, and has long been known as the First Peak under Heaven.

It is located to the north of Bixia Temple and there lies Jade Emperor Temple, which was built in honor of the Jade Emperor of Taoism. There is a big stone in the middle of the yard in front of the temple, with the engraving: “The Summit of Mount Tai 1545 meters". The height could not be checked when it was first erected. The height of Jade Emperor Peak is now reported as 1532.7 meters. Rebuilt during the Ming Dynasty, it consists of Jade Emperor Hall, housing the bronze figure of the Jade Emperor; Sun View Pavilion, lying to the east where tourists can enjoy the sunrise; River Enjoyment Pavilion, to the west, which is a perfect place for tourists to appreciate sunset clouds and the golden belt of the Yellow River.

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Tony 2012-09-13
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How do I get a train to Tai''an from Shenzhen?What is the train departure time from Shenzhen and arrival time in Tai''an? How many hours is the journey?What is the train fare?
Hi Tony, you can take train from Shenzhen West Railway Station to Taishan. It departs at 15:40, arrives at 18:53 (the next day). It takes about 27.5hrs. The train fare for soft sleeper is CNY 588-615. Whitney Liao replied on 2012-09-17
Tony 2012-07-01
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How do I get from Shenzhen to Tai''an?What are the estimated cost of travel by air and train?How long is the travel by air and train?Besides Mount Tai, are there any other tourist attractions in Tai''an?Is end November a good month to visit Mount Tai?
Hi Tony, I've sent you an email regarding to your queries, please check it. Regards, Whitney Whitney Liao replied on 2012-07-02
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