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Mount Tai Travel Tips

mount tai
  • Tourists are advisable to familiarize themselves with the routes of ascending Mount Tai and take a map of Mount Tai with them.
  •  There are four routes to get to the summit of Mount Tai. Among them the East Route is the most popular. It is considered to be the imperial route which emperors all took to make sacrifices. The East Route starts from Mount Tai Arch (people usually visit Dai Temple at the foot of Mount Tai first before get to the Mount Tai Arch). There are totally 7200 stone steps on the routes with Red Gate Palace, Jing Shui Valley, Hu Tian Pavilion and Eight Mountain Bends ect on the way up. It is usually take two and a half hours (sprinting hikers) to six hours to get to the summit.
  • Acquaint yourselves with the features of the weather of Mount Tai and the weather forecast. See more information about Mount Tai weather
  • There is a sharp temperature difference between the foot of Mount Tai and the top of it. Therefore tourists should bring warm clothes with them even in summer. Mountaineering clothes is recommended
  •  Mount Tai is abundant in sunshine and forest, it is easy to get sunburned and stung by mosquitoes. Therefore sunblock, topee and mosquito repellent are necessary.
  • Choose a pair of suitable, light, comfortable and durable mountaineering shoes is very importan
  •  Never miss the sunrise or sunset of Mount Tai which are really spectacular and breathtaking.
  • There are buses bringing tourists to the Midway Gate to Heaven (halfway of the mountainside) from where they can take a cable car to the summit.