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Nanchang Shopping

Shopping Streets

The major shopping streets in Nanchang are Fuzhou Road (福州路), Zhongshan Road (中山路) (Nanchang’s traditional commercial center), Shengli Road (胜利路), Minde Road (民德路) (a street of tea and relative products and wares), Xiangshan Road (象山路) and Bayi Avenue (八一大道); In addition, there are some famous traditional shopping streets, such as Wanshou Palace Street (万寿宫街) and Lady Street (女人街), selling inexpensive products.

Local Products

There are mainly 3 famous local products, which are Jiangxi Paper Fan, Nanchang Porcelain Portrait and Poyang Lake Whitebait.

Jiangxi Paper Fan 江西名扇

Jiangxi Paper Fan has three types, black-and-white paper fan, grease-proof paper fan and silk fan, using bamboo as the frame. Every bamboo frame must be cut thin and light with equal length and uniform colors. Some are embossed with different patterns to give it an artistic look. Made with skillful craftsmanship, the paper fans are rain-proof and durable. They can be used as a shelter from rain and sun.

Nanchang Porcelain Portrait 南昌瓷板画像

Porcelain portrait has a long history and features strong contrasting colors and ethnic style. The making of porcelain portraits goes through strict procedures. First the outline of a portrait is sketched on the white unburned brick, after careful drawing, a layer of transparent glaze is brushed on it. Finally the semi-finished portraits are put into a firing kiln. In this way, the porcelain portrait is covered and protected by a layer of glaze, which protects it from dampness and strong sunlight and makes it durable.

Poyang Lake Whitebait 鄱阳湖银鱼

Whitebaits produced in Poyang Lake are a popular product in China. Poyang Lake, with a vast water surface and many rocks under water, provides a suitable natural environment for whitebaits. Whitebait is a small fish, with a slender body, silvery color and smooth touch. When dried the fish is white and transparent. It is nutritious with tender meat containing high level of protein.