Nanjing Attractions

Nanjing attractions include Dr Sun Yat Sen Mausoleum, China Gate, Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, and Lingqu Temple, which prove Nanjing’s importance in Chinese history. Nanjing is one of the top four ancient capitals in China; hence, the city has many places of historic interest related to both ancient history and modern history.

If you are a history lover, you can join one of our carefully designed tours for traveling to China’s top four ancient capitals, including Nanjing.

Questions and Answers About Nanjing Attractions

ghanisha 2013-12-21
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Hello! I am from Mauritius and i am planning to visit Nanjing and Shanghai in mid January. Is it advisable because of the cold climate?

 Dear Ghanisha,


Temperature is about -2-8. Please take some cotton padded clothes, gloves and hats if you needed. Weather is very cold. Good luck. If you need some tours, please see

Christy Luo replied on 2013-12-21
Steve 2013-01-06
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Hello,I will be visiting Nanjing on Business during March 2013, but will have weekends free. I am would like to see the City and Country Side, and perhaps travel to Shanghai, A Day tours with an English speaking group or with a Personal Guide. Can you provide some suggestions?Thank you,Steve

Dear Steve,

Thanks for your enquiry!

It is no problem for us to arrange one day city tour in Nanjing and Shanghai seperately for you, as your time is limited, I suggest that you focus on the highlights in the city on this trip. A day tour to Shanghai will be involved with round trip fast trains from Nanjing. I am now working on a tentative itinerary and quotation for you, feel free to let me know if you have any queries or amendments after you read it through. Have a nice day!

Candy Wei replied on 2013-01-06
Tricia Wright 2012-08-25
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I will be visiting Jiangsu on business in early October. Where would be the closest place to take a few days horse riding?

Hi Tricia, here is one for you.

Nanjing Maqun International Racetrack南京马群国际赛马场
Add.: No.1 Shishi Road, Maqun, Nanjing 南京马群石狮路1号

Whitney Liao replied on 2012-08-26
No, not horse racing, I would like to go for a ride on a horse. Tricia Wright replied on 2012-08-26
Hi Tricia,which city in Jiangsu Province will you be visiting, please? Nanjing or Suzhou or any other cities? Whitney Liao replied on 2012-08-27
Alaa El Sayed 2012-08-21
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Hello , i''ll be visiting nanjing soon with a friend & i just wanted to ask is there any beaches there or places we can swim in?
Hi Alaa El Sayed, Here are some options for reference. 1.Nanjing Wutaishan natatorium(南京五台山游泳馆):No.173 Guangzhou Road,Gulou district(鼓楼区广州路173号) 2.Nanjing Taiyanggong natatorium (南京太阳宫游泳馆):Gangzi village(岗子村(白马公园对面)) 3.sports center in Gulou community (鼓楼社区体育中心(游泳馆)):Bozuo Road station,Shanxi Road(山西路傅佐路站) Lussie Lu replied on 2012-08-22
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