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Dean 2013-10-29
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how can i arrange a return flight from Shenzen in China to Nanning in China

Dear Dean,
There are direct flights between Shenzhen and Nanning. For more flight information, please click this link: Please feel free contact us if you need any flights and tours arrangement in China.

Nancy Deng replied on 2013-10-30
john heinen 2013-07-29
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I wish to know the air fare from Adelaide South Australia [return] To Nanning CN. How long can I stay? What time of year is the best time and the cheapest time to travel? I have accomodation arranged. How many hours flying time and what is the difference in time to me.

Hi John, below are some websites for you to check the international flights to China.

The best time and the cheapest time to travel to Nanning is from November to March, while the weather is comfortable and the cost is lower.

The flying time differs from different airlines.

Whitney Liao replied on 2013-07-30
jon 2013-07-01
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nanning city china how much is air-fair
Dear Jon, I am not sure from which city you will go to Nanning, so I can't check the exace price for you. Would you mind give me the details, or you could check the cost on our website, please click: Lussie Lu replied on 2013-07-02
wing lui 2012-07-01
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How long to fly from Shanghai to Nanning? Does Nanning have flight to Hong Kong?
Hello Wing lui. There is only one flight (number MU2882) flying at 21:30 from Shanghai to Nanning in every evening. It takes about 1 hour at the expense of about 950 RMB per ticket (economic class without service fee). Almost everyday there are some flights from Nanjing to Hong Kong. This trip will take more than 2 hours and the price depends on the concrete departure date (Could you tell you your departure date so that I can give you the accurate answer). China Highlights can offer the flight ticket booking service at a competitive price. If you need the service, please feel free to contact me at Kind regards, Kevin. kevin replied on 2012-07-02
laxmi 2012-04-10
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what is the distance from nanning to the nearest sea side? do we get the train service? what time does it take & hopw much does it cost?
The nearest sea side from Nanning is in Fangchenggang City (防城港), about 183 kilometers (another is in Beihai City, about 228 kilometers). Train 7321 is available for your journey from Nanning to Fangchenggang. It takes 4 hours and 30 minutes, departing from Nanning Railway Station at 12:40 every day, and the ticket price is only 12 yuan. However, takeing a bus to there only need 2 hours, and the ticket price is approximately 50 yuan. Lynn Ye replied on 2012-04-16
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