Nanning, as a popular tourist destination at home and abroad, has a full variety of tourist souvenirs and special local products. Its urban area is praised as a shopping paradise for every visitor, with a great many commercial centers and shopping centers.

One of the most famous local handicrafts in Nanning is Zhuang Jin (a kind of brocade of Zhuang nationality), represented by Xiu Qiu (a ball made of rolled silk). You can always buy the best Zhuang Jin in shops like Nanning Department Store (Chaoyang Road), Nationality Shopping Mall (Renming East Road) and Nanning Wangfujing (Qixing Road). If you want to buy Zhuang Jin in both good quality and cheap price, Nanning Wangfujing will be the best place, especially its open-air night market, where you have much large bargaining room.

Nanning is also a special place for its local fruit, such as longans, litchi, pineapples, mangos, grapefruits and other fresh and delicious fruits; In addition, Nanning is famous for its leather goods, gold and silver jewelry.

Shopping Places Recommended

The Shopping Center on Chaoyang Road

Chaoyang Road is located in the most critical geographic position of Nanning City, with a very short distance to Nanning Train Station and to Long-distance Bus Station. Here run a dozen of large and comprehensive shopping centers, such as Nanning Department Store, Diamond Plaza, Manhattan Supermarket, Wal-Mart and N-MART, as well as an ocean of individual stores. You will never be disappointed to find your favorite.

Qixing Street, a Shopping Street with Brands of a Great Variety

You can find almost everything you need in various shops along Qixing Street, ranging from large shopping malls to small street vendors.

Xinning Street, a Street of Gold and Silver Jewelry

Xinning Street is the first choice for visitors to buy gold jewelry in Nanning; gold and silver jewelry made here are from a very few excellent craftsmen, with new styles, various colors and cheaper prize.

Garden and Flower Market

The Garden and Flower Market is located in the northern section of Yuanhu Road. It is Guangxi's largest, most comprehensive and most unique garden and flower market, combining marketing, recreation and garden appreciation. It is mainly engaged in flower pots, root carvings, concurrently antiques, carving paintings, birds, insects, fish, pets, and supplemented by food and beverage services. If you are interested and wish to go shopping there, it will definitely promise you a surprise.

Questions and Answers About Shopping

Steve Baumel 2014-04-16
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Is it better to use Visa credit card or a debit card when staying in Nanning? How much cash should one bring for 10 days?
Dear Steve, It's wise to carry CNY800-1000 cash with you everyday. It would be quite enough for you to cover the cost that’s not included in the tour. Credit/debit card are possible at the main branches of the Bank of China in each city. A small fee is charged by the Bank and charges are also applied by the bank/credit card provider. Lussie Lu replied on 2014-04-16
Adrian 2013-09-20
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Is detian waterfall wheelchair friendly? Have 10 days to spend in Nanning, how wheelchair friendly is nanning and other nearby places like Bama, Jingxi, Daxin? I have pre booked a van to bring me and my family around but can I visit all those places easily? How should I planned the trip, such as how many days at Detian, Bama and others? Which area to go first on Day 1 to Day 10?

Nanning is wheelchair friendly as it is a capital city. But it is not so convenient in other places like Bama and Detian because of the mountain area and remoteness. You can take the itinerary like Nanning (2 days)-Bama (2 days)-Baise (2 days)-Detian (2 days). Of course, as your trip is flexible with private vehicle, you can also as driver for some suggestion or make changes based on your interests.

Ruby Zhao replied on 2013-09-20
Selya 2013-06-21
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How to go to Nanning night market from Marriott Nanning?
Dear Selya, You could take a taxi from the hotel to Zhongshan Road, where there is a night market. It is about 9 km and it costs about CNY25/US$4 per car. Lussie Lu replied on 2013-06-23
Norli 2011-10-10
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Is there any vegetarian restaurant in Nanning? Please name a few. Thnak you.
Hi Norli, Yes, there are some vegetarian restaurants in Nanning, here are a few for you to try, the Chinese addresses and names are given so it would be easier for you to ask for directions. If you stay at a local hotel, you can also check with the hotel staff for more recommendations near your hotel. Chazishu vegetarian restaurant on Minzhu Road 茶子树素食馆,民主路北三里二巷 Xinjiangzhaiyuan vegetarian restaurant on Minzu Avenue 闲静斋院,民族大道麻村综合商场东侧 Takongjian vegetarian restaurant on Minzu Avenue 他空见, 民族大道中鼎万象东方大厦C102 Candy Wei replied on 2011-10-13
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