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Royal Chitwan National Park

Among the 16 national parks and wildlife reserves in Nepal, Royal Chitwan National Park is the most ancient and popular safari destination for tourists. Situated in the subtropical Tarai lowlands, there are more than 43 species of mammals, over 450 species of birds, and more than 45 species of amphibians and reptiles in the park, such as the endangered animals one-horned rhinoceros and the Royal Bengal tiger. Other animals include leopards, wild elephants, Indian bison, sloth bears, crocodiles, pythons, monitor lizards, pangolins, and over 400 species of birds. There are many ways to visit the park, but elephant-back safaris are the most popular. Jeep safaris, guided walks, overnight jungle expeditions and canoe trips are also interesting. It provides accommodation ranging from luxury camps or hotels within the park.

Royal Chitwan National Park covers a pristine area with a unique ecosystem of significant value to the world. Such as the Churiya hills, ox-bow lakes, flood plains of Rapti, Reu, and Narayani Rivers are also in it. The riverine forests consist mainly of khair, sissoo and simal. The grasslands form a diverse and complex community with over 50 species plants. The Saccharum species, often called elephant grass, which can reach 8 meters high. The shorter grasses such as Imperata are useful for thatch roofs.

Transport: It is linked by public bus, tourist coach and air, and is a seven-hour bus journey from Kathmandu or six hours by bus from Pokhara.