Coffee, tea or ... a punch on the nose?

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A flight attendant's job used to be simply pointing out the emergency exits and serving food and drinks to passengers.

But now, faced with the threat of global terrorism, a Chinese airline is looking for 70 young women who can pack a punch as well as hand out bags of peanuts.

In an attempt to boost security, Sichuan Airlines is recruiting female flight attendants with martial arts skills to work on a new route between Chengdu in western China and the South Korean capital, Seoul.

As well as being aged between 18 and 24 with a knowledge of Korean, skilled in singing and dancing and of "nice appearance," the new flight attendants will be trained as "part-time security guards" on the flights.

"There's no specific type of martial art we require, it could be kung fu or tae kwon do," said Cai Chao, a Sichuan Airlines spokesperson.

More than 500 women attended the first round of interviews in Chongqing on Thursday.

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