StarBuck Opens New Shop at Great Wall Badaling

Updated: September 23, 2005 | Clicks: 2546

On September 20th, the world Coffee House Giant Starbucks celebrated the opening of its No. 10,000 retailing store in Badaling Great Wall scenic area. It is the 3rd Starbucks to be opened in famous scenic areas after the one in Forbidden City, and the one in Beihai Park in Beijing.

The corporation opened its first store in Beijing 6 years ago. Since then Starbucks have been mushrooming everywhere, especially in prosperous parts of the country. Hundreds of retail stores have been set up in Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo, Nanjing, Hangzhou, and etc. Starbuck coffee is popular with people of all ages now.

First established in Seattle, USA in 1971 as a small retail coffee store, Starbucks has experienced dramatic development over the years, globally expanding its business over more than 30 countries. Now there are approximate 10.000 retails Starbucks have been opened around the world.

What attracts people is not only the high-qualified coffee Starbucks serves but the comfortable atmosphere it provides. The stores are all strategically located with inspiring natural beauty around and well facilitated with easy access to internet, thus allowing people to feel as if they were at home.

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