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Fourteen Cute Baby Pandas Displayed at Chengdu's Panda Base

Updated: September 25, 2013 | Clicks: 847

Chengdu's Giant Panda Breeding Research Base's Fourteen cute baby pandas were first put on display at on September 23, 2013. Recently a series of photos of the panda cubs were released on the Internet. They are so cute that they "overloaded" the Internet.

This year 20 panda cubs in total have been born between July 10 and August 30, but three died, leaving 17 panda cubs, of which one is now in Spain and two in the U. S. Generally, newborn pandas are very difficult to care for at birth, and about 60 to 70 percent die within their first week.

On July 15, the 16-year-old panda named Lunlun (伦伦) in Atlanta Zoo gave birth to panda twins, the only surviving panda twins in the U.S. Now there are 128 pandas in total at the Panda Breeding and Research Base.

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