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More Bronze Weapons Unearthed at Huangtupo Archaeological Site

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On August 29, 2013, more bronze weapons were unearthed in Warring States Tomb M47 of Huangtupo Archaeological Excavation, Chenxi County, Huaihua Prefecture, Hunan Province. This follows thirty artifacts being unearthed in 2012.

The bronze weapons included a bronze sword, a bronze spear, a bronze dagger-axe, and three copper cones. 11 pieces of domestic pottery, such as tripod, pots, and a container for seeds and fruits, were also unearthed in Warring States Tomb M47.

About the Huangtupo Archaeological Excavation

The Huangtupo tombs, discovered in 1998, are located in the Yuanjiang River Valley, covering an area of over a hectare (2.5 acres). They are mainly from the Warring States Period (475–221 BC), and just a few of them are from the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD).

Last year 43 tombs were excavated near Huaihua City by Hunan Province Cultural Relics Bureau, part of China's Cultural Relics Department. In addition to the bronze weapons, two iron swords, several pieces of jade, and 200 pieces of pottery were also unearthed.

This year, during the excavation starting on August 21, six Warring States tombs have been excavated. At 10:50am, August 29, a painted pot with bright colors, despite being buried 2,000 years, was discovered first. However, its color faded when it was exposed to sunshine. Later a pottery tripod and a beans and grain receptacle were unearthed. At 11:00am a bronze sword was unearthed, followed by a bronze spear and a bronze dagger-axe. It is regrettable that the sword broke into several pieces because of its severe corrosion.

Tian Yunguo, the Deputy Director of Huaihua City's branch of the Hunan Province Cultural Relics Bureau, said that these unearthed artifacts would provide precious physical evidence for studying the military and funeral customs of the Warring States Period.

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