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China's First Cross-Provincial Subway Opened October 16th

Updated: September 13, 2016 | Clicks: 709

China's first cross-provincial subway line, connecting the commercial hub of Shanghai and Kunshan City in neighboring Jiangsu Province, opened on October 16, 2013, making Kunshan the third city in Jiangsu, following Nanjing and Suzhou, to have a subway line.

The six-kilometer extension of Shanghai Metro Line 11 linking the two cites serves three elevated station stops: Zhaofeng Road Station, Guangming Road Station, and Huaqiao Station. With the extension, the Metro Line 11 now has a length of 72 kilometers, which makes it the longest line in the Shanghai Metro network.

Bus routes connecting the new stations to the center of Kunshan and high-speed rail stations in Kunshan have been set in operation.

The trip from Huaqiao Station in Kunshan City to Xujiahui Station in Shanghai takes about 70 minutes and costs 7 yuan. The opening of the cross-provincial subway line offers great convenience, and saves transport fees for the residents of Kunshan who work in Shanghai.

At present the cities of Suzhou and Wuxi are also planned to have light rail lines built, linking the cities to Shanghai's subway system.

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Kunshan is located between Suzhou and Shanghai. Although Kunshan is not a famous city, it has important cultural and historical attractions. It is the cradle of Kun Opera, which has been called the 'ancestor of all operas' in China.

Various historical sites and beautiful attractions can be found in Kunshan Prefecture. Some popular attractions of Kunshan attract many visitors from other cities of China and abroad every year, including the Kun Opera Museum, the No.1 water town in China — Zhouzhuang, Jinxi Ancient Town , Qiandeng Ancient town, Yangcheng Lake, and Tinglin Park.

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