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China International Garden Expo to Open in May in Beijing

Updated: May 2, 2013 | Clicks: 1015

The Ninth China International Garden Expo is scheduled to open on May 18, 2013, in Beijing's Fengtai District. The expo will last six months, till November 18. It is hosted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and by the Beijing government, and is expected to attract 17 million visitors.

About the Garden Expo

China International Garden Expo started in 1997 and has been held eight times in eight different cities across China.

Themed "Green Symphony, Heyday Garden", the ninth expo's design and construction feature energy conservation and environmentally friendly concepts, integrating Chinese and international gardening arts, cultural exhibition and performance, academic exchange, business negotiation, and marketing.

Layout of the Garden Expo Park

As China's highest-level gathering in garden and flower circle, the expo's conceptual layout is "1 axis, 2 points, 3 belts, 5 gardens".

  • 1 axis represents the Expo axis stretching from east to west.
  • 2 points signify China Garden Museum and Splendid Valley.
  • 3 belts denote three corridors extending from Zhongguancun Technological Park Fengtai Section West to the Expo Park.
  • 5 parks are the five core exhibition areas with diverse characteristics, i.e. Traditional Exhibition Park, Modern Exhibition Park, Innovation Exhibition Park, Ecological Exhibition Park, and International Exhibition Park.

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Peak day tickets: 150RMB (there are total 16 Peak days: June 10th–12th, September 19th–21st, October 1st–7th and November 15th–17th)

Non-peak day tickets: 100 RMB

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