Confucius Temple and Imperial Academy to be open to visitors

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After 2 years' renovation, both the Confucius Temple and Imperial Academy in Beijing will be opened to visitors for the first time ever in early 2008. It took 70 million yuan to complete the renovation project, and all the historic features of the two buildings are well preserved.

The Imperial Academy was built in 1287, and it had been the highest educational institution and education administration of China. It was also the only educational institution to receive foreign students. The Confucius Temple, built in 1306, is part of the Imperial Academy, where Confucius, the famous Chinese philosopher, was worshipped, as his teachings were considered as the dogma of ancient China.

Both buildings were put under state-class protection in 1988. By now, they cover an area of 24,800 sq m.

The Imperial Academy and Confucius Temple will also serve as Sinological research centers.

Source: China news

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