Renminbi Rises 2% against US Dollars

Updated: July 23, 2005 | Clicks: 1101

The Chinese currency “Reminbi” has been revalued against the US Dollar by approximately 2%. This revaluation is a reflection of the strength of the Chinese economy and is a move that has been widely anticipated.

On May 31st China Highlights Travel adjusted its terms and conditions and made a statement regarding fluctuations in the value of the Reminbi.

Terms & Conditions

CHT wishes to advise that effective immediately, the prices of our tours quoted in US Dollars will rise by the amount of the revaluation.

Clients who have paid for their tour in full will be unaffected by this prices increase. China Highlights Travel will honor all prepaid tours irrespective of the date of travel.

We will contact all clients who have paid a deposit to advice of the increase in the cost of their tour which can be paid at the time when the final payment is made for their tour package.

Your China Highlights Travel Advisor who will be happy to assist you with questions or further information.

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