Hong Kong Public Holidays 2013

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Public holidays in Hong Kong is different from that in Chinese mainland, and Hong Kong has 16 public holidays in 2013. Most offices in Hong Kong would be closed in weekends and in these public holidays.

Below is the Calendar of Hong Kong Public Holidays. You can check out recent news for China public holiday calendar 2013.

Hong Kong's 2013 Public Holiday Calendar
Hong Kong Public Holidays Dates according to the Gregorian Calendar 2013
New Year's Day Jan. 1
Chinese New Year Feb. 11 - 13
Good Friday Mar. 29
The second day of Good Friday Mar. 30
Easter Day April 1
Qingming Festival April 4
Labor Day May 1
Buddha's Birthday May 17
Dragon Boat Festival Jun 12
Deferred Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day Jul. 1
The second day of Mid-Autumn Festival Sept. 20
National Day of the People' s Republic of China October 1
The second day of Chong Yeung Festival Oct. 14
Christmas Day Dec. 25
The first Sunday after Christmas Day Dec. 26

During the holidays, shopping areas in Hong Kong would be much more crowded and prosperous than that in usual days, but the transportation would be busier. It is wise that touring in China during the off season, due to avoiding crowd, and get big discounts of hotels and air tickets.

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